Last 2 frames from 2022

Pure raw orange heather honey from The Cut

Jared one frame of delicious, sweet and tangy with an orangy aftertaste heather honey from The Cut.

Small jar goes to my new beekeeper friend Roury

When I want to work out the price for the second jar my mind goes as follow.

A frame of honey is priced between £50-75…90

Honest price per kg of local blended honey as I see it is anything £30-40 per kg

Here i can offer for this specific frame for a price a price of £55

  • small jar – gifted
  • remaining jar £35 – gifted to my best customer and supporter

You are getting a jar of premium heather honey naturally harvested from Inverclyde heather fields. Its a top range heather honey from a single frame. Each frame has a different taste and flavours. They might be similar but always unique in taste.

All other jarred honey (extracted with other frames) sold locally during the season counting from September at average friendly price of £35/kg (full frames with stand boxed £85) at Marks fishery.

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