Bee-lieve it or not, just it’s been a dramatic drone at the apiary! ☀️

New arrival

After Swarm – some drones are still emerging in preparation for mating flight with their queen.

Here’s the buzz:

  • Hive High-Five: We’ve been busy beekeepers, tending to our fuzzy friends for the past month.
  • Swarm Sorry! Limited access to the hives meant some of our ladies decided to jet set on a swarming adventure. (Don’t worry, they’re happy now!) ✈️
  • Queen Bee Ballin’: New queens from those breakaway hives are gearing up for their royal mating flights. Watch out, drone dudes!
  • Honey Haul: We snagged some early-season honey! First taste of the sweet stuff is always the bee’s knees.
  • Greenock Groves: Here in Greenock, we basically have one big nectar season. We gotta wait until those heather fields on the hills bloom by summer’s end. ️

So, that’s the latest from the apiary! Stay tuned for more bee-autiful updates and remember – everything’s coming up millinery for these little honeymakers! #BeekeepingLife #HoneyLove #GreenockGrooves

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