Second Wind Pollinators – beekeepers group in Greenock. Do you know: The more Honey Bee fly the shorter is her lifespan. Bees in summer live 1month when winter bees live much longer. Warmer climate makes bee fly in winter too which may lead to colony collapse in spring. Its called Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD)

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We’re a passionate group of beekeepers dedicated to protecting the bee population in Greenock and around.

This jar holds a treasure unlike any other: Raw, unprocessed whipped rapeseed honey!

The Secret? Whipping.!

While rapeseed honey sets quickly, we’ve gently whipped it to create a wonderful texture that lasts longer.

Spread the Love (and Honey!)

Enjoy this delightful honey on toast, add it to yogurt for a natural sweetness boost, or use it in your favorite recipes.

Thank you for supporting us! We’re thrilled to share this unique honey with you.

Rapeseed honey currently on sale at Craigend Resource Centre and The Cut Fishery

Woodland and Lime Tree
honeys expected at the start of August, heather honey mid September.
(“Lime Sublime” by Clare Toner, Clyde Valley Ranger post @ The Scottish Wildlife Trust )

Directly from the hive.

The Humble Rapeseed: More Than Just a Pretty Flower

The vibrant yellow rapeseed fields might be a beautiful sight, but the benefits of this plant go beyond aesthetics. Rapeseed is a powerhouse when it comes to healthy fats!

Here’s a quick look:

  • Heart-Healthy: Low in saturated fat and rich in unsaturated fats, rapeseed oil (also called canola oil) promotes good cholesterol and may reduce heart disease risk.
  • Brain Booster: It contains omega-3 fatty acids, essential for brain function and development.
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Packed with vitamin E, rapeseed oil supports the immune system and may benefit skin and eye health.

So next time you see those golden fields, remember, the rapeseed plant is a hidden gem in the world of health!

The Secret Power of Rapeseed Honey: Creamy Delight, Mild on Sweetness

Rapeseed honey, a treasure from fields of vibrant yellow flowers, boasts unique properties:

  • Creamy Dream: Unlike many honeys, it crystallizes quickly, creating a smooth, spreadable texture.
  • Mild on Sweetness: Perfect for those who prefer a subtler sweetness, it complements flavors without overpowering them.
  • Natural Energy Booster: Rich in glucose, it provides a quick energy source.

Bonus: Some claim it has potential benefits for wound healing and skin health, although more research is needed.

Enjoy this delightful honey and discover its hidden potential!

Support Pollinators, Savor the Buzz: Second Wind Rapeseed Honey

Pure & Delicious: Rapeseed honey is a natural sweetener bursting with floral notes and a smooth texture.

Supports Pollinators: Every jar helps Second Wind Pollinators protect vital honey bee populations.

Sustainable: sourced from eco friendly apiary.

Scotland’s Golden Gamble: The Rise of Organic Rapeseed

Scotland’s landscapes are known for their rolling hills, dramatic coastlines, and vast fields of barley. But a new golden player is emerging in these fields: rapeseed. While rapeseed cultivation is established worldwide, Scotland’s focus lies on organic production, making it a unique and developing agricultural story read whole post.

Did you know?

One out of every three bites of food we eat depends on pollination by bees. By supporting our association, you’re directly contributing to a healthy ecosystem and the continued production of delicious honey.

Here’s what you can find with us:

  • Learn about beekeeping: Attend workshops, demonstrations, and educational events led by experienced beekeepers.
  • Become a beekeeper: Get guidance and resources to start your own beehive and contribute to local honey production.
  • Support healthy bee populations: Help us advocate for pollinator-friendly practices and raise awareness about the importance of bees.
  • Connect with other bee enthusiasts: Join a vibrant community of bee lovers who share your passion.
  • Have your own community sourced honey: For local hubs and community centers and honey bee enthusiasts we offer a community hive option.

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Beekeeping – Hmm!

“Beekeeping is fine, hmm turned my life
upside down. In a good sense
i mean. And let me hold on to it”
Local Beekeeper from Greenock

Le Honey nouveau 2024 is here – like never before.

Le Honey nouveau 2024 is here – like never before.

Heaujolet nouveau 2024 was just bottled ready in 3 months.And we wait 1 year for Heaujolet nouveau 2025 and probably more for regulars. Raw unprocessed woodland flavors enveloped in rich, sweet and perfectly runny texture. A must have for a gourmet palate. Raw unprocessed woodland honey In 250 gr tubes Summer 2024 By Second Wind…

Honeybee Havoc: Weather Woes, Climate Change, and Bee Behavior

Honeybee Havoc: Weather Woes, Climate Change, and Bee Behavior

Have you noticed honeybees acting a little confused lately? They might be buzzing around erratically or landing in strange places. While it might seem odd, this behavior could be linked to a combination of recent weather fluctuations and the longer-term effects of climate change. Honeybees and the Weather: Honeybees are incredibly sensitive creatures, and their…