2024 – first hive inspections

Beekeeping Buzz: Strong Hives and a Surprise Summer Honey!

The past two weeks have been a beekeeper’s delight! After winter, the weather finally warmed up, allowing us to conduct our first hive inspections of the season.

We were thrilled to discover that all our hives emerged from winter strong and healthy. With the recent warm days, the colonies have exploded into full expansion mode! This early burst of activity even yielded a small crop of summer honey, a rare treat in our region due to our cooler climate.

Some of the hives are already showing signs of preparing to swarm, with an abundance of drone brood visible on the frames. This natural process allows the colony to reproduce and create a new queen.

The summer honey we collected is light and runny, with a delightful floral taste that captures the essence of the season’s blooms. It’s a true must-try for any honey and bee lover!

This early success story highlights the resilience of honey bees and the importance of proper hive management throughout the year. We’re excited to see how the rest of the season unfolds and to share more beekeeping adventures with you all!

Stay tuned for future updates!

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