Horizontal hive – natural beekeeping project

These hives are good for occasional beekeepers. You are separated from incoming bees by a roof. Slates on top make hive inspection least disturbing for bees as you pull just one slate at the time – calm and relaxed inspections

Hive is tall so you are closer to what you are doing – close view

It can host from 1-3 honeybees colonies depending on your needs – flexibility

With one colony in the only thing to do is to add remove frames as colony expands and diminish in winter – easy to manage.

Thick wood walls make it hollow tree like appearance for bees – healthy natural conditions inside

Takes 35 national frames makes beekeeping a relaxing activity for both us and bees. Made for those who want support our activity and sponsor a hive. We aim to have a 40 hives capacity so if you want to help our pollinators to survive and provide food for us all adopt a hive . We will take care of everything else.

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