Small things that make a difference. Ardgowan delight.

Rose petals and honey combine to make this fragrant jelly. The perfect combination of two summer delights. Sweet, floral and fragrant, it is best served spooned onto yoghurt or ice-cream or added to a sauce or gravy for something a little different.

We are just waiting for this year honey Right now take care and come back in a week or two to see the actual outcome.

not yet a jelly but delicious with warm water or tea

Rose petals infused in spring honey 200ml jar

Sweet and rosy taste with an uplifting smell. When diluted in warm water petals infuse and tender making them ready for consumption.

Could be also good with yoghurt

I call it here and now “Ardgowan Delight”

Next Orange/lemon/grapefruit peel infused honey fully packed rose petals. Delight that goes a long way. I was thinking “honey and peels zest will ruin delicacy of roses” – what a surprise.

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