Delayed spring and willow honey

I was looking for flowers able to feed our honeybees. I saw dandelions, primulas and dog-violet(Viola riviniana )… Those are gorgeous flowers but in quantities able to prevent starvation but not enough to produce surplus honey for me to take. Honey bees need plenty of flowers ( like a whole blooming tree or a field) to do that. Willow , Hawthorn, fruit tree or heather field.

Our Honey bees are feeding on willow (short video 22′) I was curious for about 2 years where they eat this time of the year. Got it finally.

Willow honey is hard to find and very unique. It is light transparent with a delicate creamy texture. Flavour is mild and sweet like a sugary confection. This creamy sensation is irresistible.

It’s gorgeous

Than I got distracted by the beauty of an old wood farm ( wood farm is my guess)

Those trees sometimes looks to me like a hang garden ready to populate with orange white and purple flowers. I can imagine a beautiful smell in a quiet and warm day surrounding all the place.

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