Aye, Set Honey! Nae Your Average Sticky Stuff!

Set Honey – why beekeepers make it?

Alright folks, listen up! Ever heard of set honey? Now, it’s no your everyday honey from the shops, not at all! Set honey, some folk call it creamed honey, is a wee bit of magic in a jar. Imagine regular honey, but smooth as butter, spreadable like a dream! How do they do it, you ask? Well, gather around and I’ll tell ye.

It’s All About the Crystals, Ken?

Regular honey starts off lovely and smooth, right? But over time, something interesting happens. Tiny wee sugar crystals start to form, that’s what makes honey get a bit lumpy. Set honey uses this natural process, but with a wee bit of a twist. They take some honey that’s already got these wee crystals – like seeds, we could call them – and mix it with some fresh, smooth honey. Then, they keep it nice and cool, like a crisp autumn day, and stir it gently. This helps the wee crystals grow slowly and evenly throughout the honey.

Why’s Set Honey So Good, Then?

Well, first of all, it’s spreadable! No more waiting for that stubborn honey to drip out the jar, like treacle in January. Just grab a knife and whack it on your toast, your scones, even your fruit! And the texture? Och, it’s something else entirely. Smooth and creamy, melts in your mouth like a Highland sunset. And let me assure you, it hasn’t lost any of its sweetness! Set honey is just as delicious as regular honey, but with a wee bit extra that makes it even better.

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