Weather forecast – “Waterfall” & “Fall”

Greenock-The-Cut 2023 before and now. A moment of unrestricted expression.

This is the first phase of my creative routine. Although at first, I’m happy with it, soon enough as the paint dries, I apply the next layers knowing I will never see it again as it is as a whole. I try to hold that one for a moment or more as an exemplar, and make another one carried to a second phase with annotations.

The view below, as most of the time, is what I see on my walks over the hills and when caring for honeybees. It transpires through my eyes to the hands and to the plywood itself. I didn’t know about it beforehand, I learned that from my pictures. Then I discovered Gerhard Richter, that i also like very much.

What I see in the picture are acres of heather continuously washed away with stormy and rainy weather pounding my eyelids when trying to find a way across the marshes, header fields.. The wind is blowing and there are some yellow bright herbs. The yellow paint is mixing nicely to the point when, if you are lucky, you can see a bird on a small yellow herb.

I see my pictures as different dreams/worlds that we are creating for ourselves and in-between and this is what I invite you to do when watching them.

Big enough to fit a tv space – work in progress

an update
“behind and up and down The Cut – “Woodland”


acrylic on plywood
abstract expressionism

i use squeegees palette knives and scrapers
Pawel Jakubowski
Greenock 2023

I’ll consider an used laptop in exchange or … a hat? A similar one, as the one linked goes to Ken (obviously).

the one below – work in progress.

i brought it a – little more forward than the one above – the ugly one i ‘ll be on next.

“Fall” is back – update

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