Town People Beanies

Liam & Aileen

Vingham prefelt brown
Vingham prefelt dark red
Carded Perendale Batt Mustard

wet felted resist experiment: how to quick make wind/rain proof head cowers for a rainy days

Just tested one when walking hills – wind proof , calm feeling on the head and if unrolled covers ears too – which is nice to have.

A nice one – to put it in the back pocket when windy and maybe rainy weather ahead.

Give it a bash or pay me a tenner
its a solid 1h of my time

unless? you want? to call me an artist and designer! – than i happily accept a top up of your appreciation.

Be bold and I make 4 variants for you to choose.
If you want a designer one even better, lets meet for a coffee.

Thank you for watching and hopefully considering.


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