It started here – past projects for teens.

  • We had our first local honey (delicious)
  • We converted petrol to electric go kart (challenging, out of the box thinking )
  • We travelled across highlands foraging (expanding horizons and learning survival skills )
  • We had our driftwood collection project (creative and active in great outdoors)
  • We raced go karts in Aviemore (team building, challenge, leadership)
  • We walked the hills (challenging, active, endurance)
  • We build up a woodworking workshop where we produced small art objects from old barrel staves (keyrings, lamps, pins, tea lights supports) (relaxing)
  • We build 3 log hives for bee swarms to settle down and make some honey for us. (challenging, physical, rewarding)
  • We created metal, wood-art, acrylic paintings. (wellbeing creative)
  • and finally we had a good time when engaging in various appealing to young people activities shown in this short movie.

Thank you,

Don Quixote of Grain Hill

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