Beekeeping essentials workshop

Begin your journey of becoming a beekeeper.

Beekeeping Launch pad is on site beekeeper training course that is designed to teach you the essentials, skip all the B.S, advice out there, and give you clearactionablestart-to-finish instructions for successfully becoming a beekeeper.

In this course, you’ll discover all of the fundamental steps you need to take in order to successfully complete an entire season of beekeeping. You’ll also learn how to avoid all of the dumb rookie mistakes by having clear goals in each module and action steps to help you get there.

Module 1: January – March

All of the essential items you need to have in place before your bee packages arrive in the spring. This includes your support structures, pre-ordering your bees + supplies, & getting everything set up in advance. You’ll learn about the Beekeeping Timeline, the supplies you’ll need, common pitfalls to watch out for, and more.

Module 2: April – June

Setting up your beehive(s) ahead of time in a way that sets your bees up for success and getting familiar with the tools and supplies you’ll be using throughout your backyard beekeeper adventure. Then the fun part…picking up your bee packages and installing them in your newly situated hive!

Module 3: July – September

Regular hive check-ins, adding additional boxes onto your hive according to our 80% Rule, common disease diagnosis and treatments, and other important maintenance tasks. You’ll also learn some of the preparatory items that will get you ready for extraction time (assuming your hives produce enough honey).

Module 4: October – December

Identifying whether or not you have enough honey in the hive to extract and then prepping for and carrying out extraction procedures. You’ll then learn how to prepare your beehives for the winter to give your bees the best possible chance at survival and understand signs of needing to feed them come springtime.

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