History inspired day

Connecting past with our todays life in a creative way.

Live experiment – Items available at Greenock Cut Fishery. Prices from £3-£7 and £35 for 2Kg containers.

Wild flower honey

Its a spring honey semi crystallised excellent for everyday use.

Heather honey

It has a very distinct taste of heather and is good for allergies, hay fever and immune boost

Crushed Damascene rose petals in heather honey

Pollen pots

They help to boost immune system, fight allergies and supply all needed minerals and vitamins for winter season. 1-3 teaspoons a day if you are not allergic. How to check? Start with very little 1-5 grains for few weeks if you feel good means you are not allergic and can take the normal dose. Please double check

Candied oranges in honey

Its confiture like and can be consumed as it is or on top of ice-cream, cake or even a traditional toast

Candied orange peels in honey

Plenty of vitamins for you + the benefits of honey

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